Why you should join us?

This conference brought the agenda of how the indigenous psychology approach contributes more constructively both theoretically and practically. This conference and symposium are intended to create a more collective-collegial intellectual-academic interaction space for academics, researchers, and intellectuals who are active from across disciplines of psychology, especially for researchers of indigenous psychology and cultural psychology

Publish or perish?

We asked for research papers to be presented, the  topics we set were as follows:

  1. Special Issue (Ki Hadjar Dewantara’s Thoughts)

  2. Cultural and Health Psychology
  3. Cultural Psychology and Conflict Resolution
  4. Cultural Psychology and Human Development
  5. Cultural and Family Psychology
  6. Applied Indigenous Psychology
  7. Methodological Issues in Cultural Research
  8. Social Relations in Cultural Psychology
  9. Psychological Wellbeing in Cultural psychology
  10. Spirituality, religions & Local religions
  11. Post-pandemic psychological resilience in a cultural perspective
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