Aims & objectives

This conference brought the agenda of how the indigenous psychology approach contributes more constructively both theoretically and practically. This conference and symposium are intended to create a more collective-collegial intellectual-academic interaction space for academics, researchers, and intellectuals who are active from across disciplines of psychology, especially for researchers of indigenous psychology and cultural psychology, to strengthen perspectives, idealism, capacities and capabilities as academic intellectuals, in order to inspire the emergence of ideas, and theorization of Indonesian psychological concepts.

While the objectives of this conference specifically are:

  1. Realization of a model and mechanism for scientifically validating archipelago psychological concepts capable of giving color to the development of the social sciences, especially psychology in Indonesia and globally.
  2. The development of a theoretical model of archipelago psychology as an embryo for the growth of the epistemology of Indonesian psychological science.
  3. Realization of collaboration-based intellectual-academic work in the development of indigenous psychology in the global realm.
  4. The realization of an epistemic community which is the locomotive for the development of Indigenous psychology knowledge and cross-disciplinary psychology
    Realizing psychological research that is inspired by cultural thinking can enrich psychology, and help improve people’s welfare.
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